Acting Reel

Commercial Voice-over Reel

"Objection" Geico Commercial

VO for "Toe Tucker" Kerydin Commercial

VO for "Mauled" on Animal Planet

Original Work Written and Produced by Katharine Heller

Comedy News Field Piece 

An investigative report about MTA fare hikes. With special guests Tate Donovan and Jesse Myerson. 

Hosting/Interview Reel

Some of Katharine's favorite moments as host of her storytelling podcast, Tell The Bartender, with Janeane Garofalo, Chris Gethard, Wyatt Cenac and more.

New York Times Weekender Parody

An unofficial response to the New York Times Weekender commercials, as imagined by the New York Post. Featured on Gawker. 

From Russia With Love

This mock reality show is about the Macintoshes - a loving couple with nine children, 8 of whom are adopted from Russia. With Calen Lang.


Response To Hateful Same Sex Marriage PSA

A different take on the National Organization for Marriage fear mongering PSA. Featured on CNN