The Struggle Bus Podcast is #7 on iTunes!
Katharine co-hosts and produces this show with Sally Tamarkin and is thrilled to be in such good company.


See Katharine as a cool mom in a FedEx Commercial

Check Out Photos of Katharine's First Run With The New York Neo-Futurists!

Katharine is a New York Neo-Futurist!
Katharine is thrilled to be joining this groundbreaking theater company of writers, directors and performers. You can see her first performances with the Neos in May, and check out their work here!

Huge congrats to the other awesome new members:

"Objection" Geico Commercial
See Katharine in her best lawyer chic.

Struggle Bus LIVE with Janeane Garofalo and Chemda Hennessy!

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The live show of Katharine's advice podcast, The Struggle Bus, was a huge hit! You can listen to the episode here. Don't forget to subscribe on iTunes!

Pics by the incredible Tom Scola.



VO for "Toe Tucker" Kerydin Commercial

Hear Katharine talk about toenail fungus while hot people do yoga!

Keith and The Girl Tour!

Katharine finished a 10 city tour with the incredible comedy podcast Keith and The Girl in October! Thanks to all the fans who came out to Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Denver, Kansas City and Oklahoma City.

Animal Planet!

You can see a clip of the Animal Planet show that Katharine narrated, Mauled, below! Warning - not for the faint of heart.